The following mandatory elements must be present in the manuscript:

UDC (defined by the author)

information about the author – Initials, surname of the author – in Russian and English

information about the author(s) – full name of the organization, city and country in Russian and English, e-mail)

the title of the article in Russian and English

information about sources of funding or grants (if available)

abstract in Russian and English (recommended volume of structured annotation: 200-250 words). The text of the abstract should be structured and include four mandatory sections: a) the purpose of the study; b) its methods; c) a summary of the main results obtained; d) brief conclusions;

keywords in Russian and English (7-10 words on the topic of the article);

the text of the article

The text of the article should be designed in a scientific style, have a well-thought-out structure and contain the following elements: introduction (relevance, tasks, research methods, theoretical basis, practical significance, etc.); the main part, where one’s own research should be presented (it is possible to allocate thematic sections with subheadings); conclusion, in which conclusions should be formulated, prospects for further research should be outlined;

bibliographic list: The list of sources used, issued in accordance with GOST, is given in alphabetical order at the end of the article in the form of a numbered list. The list of references should contain at least 10 titles. It includes mainly peer-reviewed sources (articles from scientific journals and monographs) mentioned in the text of the article. It is undesirable to include abstracts, dissertations, textbooks, textbooks in the list of references.

Transliteration of the list of references is required (translation from the Russian alphabet into Latin). It is designated as References and is designed to help the English-speaking reader in finding these sources. After the description of the Russian-language source, an indication of the language of the work is placed at the end of the link: (In Russ.). The BSI standard should be used for transliteration.

References in the text are drawn up according to the following pattern: [1, p. 33], [7, p. 23; 9, p. 612], [8].