The purpose of the journal “Russian Philology and National Culture” is to familiarize the scientific and pedagogical community with the latest information about scientific and practical achievements in the field of philology and methods of its teaching, theory and history of culture, theology.


The tasks of the journal are:

– coverage of the progress and results of modern domestic and foreign research in the field of philology and methods of its teaching, theory and history of culture, theology;

– creation of a wide field for professional communication of Russian and foreign scientific communities in the humanitarian field;

– reflection on the pages of the publication of the most significant events in scientific life.


Basic principles of editorial policy

Sending an article to the editorial office means the author’s consent to publication.

All materials sent to the editorial office are checked in the “Anti-Plagiarism” system.

The authors are responsible for the factual information provided in the submitted materials; the materials published in the journal reflect the authors’ point of view, which may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial board.

The decision on publication, the need for revision or rejection of materials is made by the editorial board, consisting of competent experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials.

Manuscripts rejected by the editorial board are not reviewed and are not returned; unpublished data obtained during the review of submitted materials cannot be used without the written consent of their authors.

The editorial board reserves the right to make abbreviations and editorial edits, while observing the principles of scientific ethics;

Reprinting of materials published in the journal without the written permission of the editorial board is not allowed

Reviewers should not participate in reviewing manuscripts if there is a conflict of interest.

The journal is a non-fee-based publication.

Publication in the journal is free for authors. The editorial board does not charge the authors for reviewing the submitted materials, preparing them and posting them on the journal’s website.

The journal provides open access to its content: full-text versions of articles are available on the publication’s website and on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library ELIBRARY.RU